Lord Dunsany

Edward Plunkett

Edward Plunkett

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany (24 July 1878 – 25 October 1957) was an Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work, mostly in fantasy, published under the name Lord Dunsany. More than eighty books of his work were published, and his oeuvre includes many hundreds of published short stories, as well as successful plays, novels and essays.

Born to the second-oldest title (created 1439) in the Irish peerage, Dunsany lived much of his life at what may be Ireland’s longest-inhabited house, Dunsany Castle near Tara, worked with W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory, received an honorary doctorate from Trinity College, Dublin, was chess and pistol-shooting champion of Ireland, and travelled and hunted extensively. (Kilde: Wikipedia)


1 The Gods of Pegana

1.1 Preface

1.2 Introduction

1.3 Of Skarl the drummer

1.4 Of the making of the worlds

1.5 Of the game of the gods

1.6 The chaunt of the gods

1.7 The sayings of Kib

1.8 Concerning Sish

1.9 The sayings of Slid

1.10 The deeds of Mung

1.11 The chaunt of the priests

1.12 The sayings of Limpang-tung

1.13 Of Yoharneth-lahai

1.14 Of roon, the god of going, and the thousand home gods

1.15 The revolt of the home gods

1.16 Of Dorozhand

1.17 The eye in the waste

1.18 Of the thing that is neither god nor beast

1.19 Yonath the prophet

1.20 Yug the prophet

1.21 Alhireth-hotep the prophet

1.22 Kabok the prophet

1.23 Of the calamity that befel Yun-ilara by the sea, and of the
building of the tower of the ending of days

1.24 Of how the gods whelmed Sidith

1.25 Of how Imbaun became high prophet in Aradec of all
the gods save one

1.26 Of how Imbaun met Zodrak

1.27 Pegana

1.28 The sayings of Imbaun

1.29 Of how Imbaun spake of death to the king

1.30 Of Ood

1.31 The river

1.32 The bird of doom and the end