Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley (4. august 1792 – 8. juli 1822) var en engelsk digter. Han regnes for en af det engelske sprogs absolut største digtere. I Danmark kendes Shelley nok mest for The Sensitive Plant i Sophus Claussens gendigtning: Den følende Blomst. Han var gift med forfatteren Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. (Kilde: Wikipedia)


1 Digte

1.1 To the lord chancellor

1.2 Death

1.3 ‘O that a chariot of cloud were mine’

1.4 Lines to a critic

1.5 Ozymandias

1.6 To the Nile

1.7 To Mary —

1.8 Invocation to misery

1.9 The woodman and the nightingale

1.10 Sonnet

1.11 An ode, written october, 1819, before the spaniards had recovered their liberty

1.12 Ode to heaven

1.13 An exhortation

1.14 The indian serenade

1.15 Homer’s hymn to Castor and Pollux

1.16 Homer’s hymn to the moon

1.17 Homer’s hymn to the sun

1.18 Homer’s hymn to the earth: mother of all

1.19 Homer’s hymn to Minerva

1.20 Pan, Echo, and the satyr

1.21 A dialogue

1.22 To the moonbeam

1.23 The solitary

1.24 To death

1.25 Love’s rose

1.26 The Irishman’s song

1.27 Saint Edmond’s eve

1.28 Revenge

1.29 Fragment, or the triumph of conscience

1.30 On the dark height of jura

1.31 Bereavement

1.32 The drowned lover

1.33 War

1.34 Despair

1.35 The spectral horseman

1.36 Melody to a scene of former times

1.37 Bigotry’s victim

1.38 On an icicle that clung to the grass of a grave