W.B. Yeats

W.B. Yeats

W.B. Yeats

William Butler Yeats (13. juni 1865 i Sandymount ved Dublin – 28. januar 1939 i Roquebrune-Cap-Martin ved Menton) var en irsk forfatter, som deltog i den irske frihedsbevægelse. Han anses for at være en af de mest betydningsfulde engelsksprogede forfattere i det 20 århundrede. I 1923 fik han Nobelprisen i litteratur. (Kilde: Wikipedia)


1 Digte

1.1 The hosting of the sidhe

1.2 The everlasting voices

1.3 The moods

1.4 Aedh tells of the rose in his heart

1.5 The host of the air

1.6 Breasal the fisherman

1.7 A cradle song

1.8 Into the twilight

1.9 The song of wandering aengus

1.10 The song of the old mother

1.11 The fiddler of dooney

1.12 The heart of the woman

1.13 Aedh laments the loss of love

1.14 Mongan laments the change that has come upon him and his beloved

1.15 Michael Robartes bids his beloved be at peace

1.16 Hanrahan reproves the curlew

1.17 Michael Robartes remembers forgotten beauty

1.18 A poet to his beloved

1.19 Aedh gives his beloved certain rhymes

1.20 To my heart, bidding it have no fear

1.21 The cap and bells

1.22 The valley of the black pig

1.23 Michael Robartes asks forgiveness because of his many moods

1.24 Aedh tells of a valley full of lovers

1.25 Aedh tells of the perfect beauty

1.26 Aedh hears the cry of the sedge

1.27 Aedh thinks of those who have spoken evil of his beloved

1.28 The blessed

1.29 The secret rose

1.30 Hanrahan laments because of his wanderings

1.31 The travail of passion

1.32 The poet pleads with his friend for old friends

1.33 Hanrahan speaks to the lovers of his songs in coming days

1.34 Aedh pleads with the elemental powers

1.35 Aedh wishes his beloved were dead

1.36 Aedh wishes for the cloths of heaven

1.37 Mongan thinks of his past greatness

1.38 The pity of love

1.39 The sorrow of love

1.40 When you are old

1.41 The white birds

1.42 The ballad of father Gilligan

1.43 The two trees

1.44 To Ireland in the coming times